We have all heard it before; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In theory it sounds great, but with busy lifestyles and all the confusion about what is best to eat at what times, most of us can admit to grabbing a bagel while rushing out the door, or stopping by the most convenient fast food outlet.

Here are a couple of reasons to make sure you start the day off with a nutritionally balanced breakfast.

  • Researchers have found that Individuals who skip breakfast have the tendency to overeat throughout the day and have more body fat than those who eat breakfast1, 2
  • Eating breakfast will actually determine how well you metabolism will function throughout the day1, 2



First thing in the morning after fasting through the night, our body’s amino acid stores are low, meaning we are in a catabolic state (muscle breakdown) whereas if your goal/s include losing fat, healthy body composition, or building muscle, we want the opposite, an anabolic state (muscle building)4.

  • You will require 30-40g of protein per meal to optimize anabolism and decrease catabolism3, 4.